From Tigers to Tombs

and all things heritage…..a trip covering the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.

Who are we?

Aniketh MJ, 24 – Having travelled across the world to places in Europe, North America, Africa and South-east Asia, Aniketh felt that the one place he really had not explored yet was his own country.  A wildlife enthusiast; he is really looking forward to spotting a variety of exclusive species on his visits to the natural sites mentioned in the UNESCO list.
Aniketh was working at Goldman Sachs, Singapore before he decided to take a sabbatical to work on this trip.

Sulesh Kumar, 24 – Having spent his entire childhood in the Middle-east, Sulesh felt almost alien when he returned back to his home country for undergraduate studies. Though he did study a lot about India in textbooks, he could not feel an emotional connect with his homeland.  He hopes to discover that connect through this wonderful journey. He also has an interest in medieval architecture and is looking forward to appreciating the various styles adopted at the different sites across the country.

Yes…we do feel that by introducing ourselves as third party we are trying to show that we are important people…!…:)


3 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Aravindd on said:

    Want to hear all about the food too in each of the places you visit. I wish the name had been tigers, tiffin and tombs. Thair Sadam, Thattai, Thenga burfi, Tikki, et al

    • From Tigers to Tombs on said:

      We did want to incorporate thalis, but the name was getting too long. We shall have a food article soon

  2. Priyanka on said:

    Hi There,

    We are currently developing city specific portals, starting off with Delhi and require various write-ups on Delhi on themes such as Restaurants, Hotels, Food Reviews, Shopping in Delhi, Local Markets of Delhi, History of Delhi, Delhi Events etc. Hence we are looking at dividing the themes amongst various writers – locals as well as expats.

    If interested, please email me at for further details.

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