From Tigers to Tombs

and all things heritage…..a trip covering the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.


(extracted from the UNESCO website)

3-month trip to India’s 28 World Heritage sites

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, two young Indian men, Aniketh MJ and Sulesh Kumar, are planning to visit India’s 28 World Heritage sites over a span of 3 months starting March 5th, 2012, travelling mainly by bus and train.
With this trip they would like to create a bond between the current generation of Indiansand the wonderful places that are very much part of their heritage and culture. Some of the sites are in urgent need of conservation efforts and they would like to communicate this message before they are lost to future generations. They are initiating this trip to better understand their country’s great heritage and inform people of the need to connect with them. They will also conduct a comparative study of all these sites and share the results with those interested.
To follow their trip, see the blog :; the Facebook page: and the Twitter account: @FrmTigers2Tombs.
The World Heritage Centre wishes to congratulate them for their initiative and wishes them an enjoyable and fruitful trip.


2 thoughts on “UNESCO

  1. viswanathan on said:

    i have seen your work today thro THE HINDU.MY wishes to u for taking this work, when we are forgetting our own culture.i want to remind u that CHOLAS are the only INDIAN KINGS to invade the overseas nations like Indonesia, malaysia,andaman and south east nations like cambodia ,thailand.
    i think u might not seen the tomb of RAJARAJA CHOLA which is situated in a small village near kumbakonam

    • From Tigers to Tombs on said:

      Thanks Viswanathan for the info. We were not aware of Rajaraja Chola’s tomb, the next time we go to Tanjavur we shall definitely make it a point to visit the tomb. Do continue reading our blog for further updates.

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