From Tigers to Tombs

and all things heritage…..a trip covering the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.


As part of the 40th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, we (thats Aniketh MJ and Sulesh Kumar) are planning to visit all the 28 World Heritage Sites in India. We intend to visit all the places in one trip in a span of 3 months. We will travel by buses and trains for the most part, taking advantage of India’s vast rail and road network. We intend to start by the 5th of March, 2012.

Such a unique trip covering all the 28 sites in India has never been done before. The purpose of our trip is to create a sense of awareness with the current generation of Indians to these wonderful places that are very much part of their heritage and culture. Some of these sites are in urgent need of conservation efforts and that message has to spread out before they are lost to future generations.In this blog you will read about the at which site are we right now…what are we really doing there…and more importantly what food are we eating…!On a serious will definitely have a fun read…:)


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  1. Sreeja Manoj on said:

    Great step….best wishes and bon voyage….

    As u mentioned, yes many imp. Monuments do require conservation…. Especially jaipur ka mahals, eg. Hawa mahal… I felt so sorry when we visited…

    Keep us updated …

  2. John Wallace on said:

    just saw this in hindu

    wonderful guys. please keep your awesome work.

    i think you should expand it outside these unesco sites also. there are hundreds of other spots such as golconda forts in andhra (or) trivandrum palace in kerala or athirapally falls in kerala which is under huge threat due to a proposed dangerous dam (or) rock fort temple in trichy (or) mangroves of pichavaram in chidambaran..the list is endless

    and most of above spots are under great abuse.

    it is not enough to have 8% gdp growth. it is equally important to have india’s legacy preserved, india’s forests and rivers protected, india’s ancient monuments safeguarded and the team’s that are involved in these are paid well so they in turn can take care of these treasures.

    great job guys.

    • From Tigers to Tombs on said:

      Thanks John. Agree that we have way way too many heritage sites that are in urgent need of attention. Our trip currently comprises of only the unesco world heritage sites because we want to see if atleast these have all the basic amenities for the tourist to have a good time.
      We are trying to cover any other site in the vicinity of a world heritage site to be able to compare the differences in maintenance. The gol gumbaz which is not on the list was a site we visited yesterday. Being one of the largest domes in the world, the place could definitely be managed better.
      Thanks for your support and do spread the word to others to go and visit these sites.

  3. It is strange that a such a large and diversified country like India has only 28 UNESCO Heritage Sites.

    You people are doing a great job of promoting the Unesco sites. But I think we must all work together to make the UNESCO list of Indian sites longer.

    • From Tigers to Tombs on said:

      We agree. India is placed quite well though. India is ranked number 7 with respect to country with most number of world heritage sites. There are close to 30 additional sites that have been nominated by the country that would like the Unesco status.

  4. R.KANNAN on said:

    also include lesser known places like Ranjangudi fort@70km from Tiruchy

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