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Hampi, a trip to rediscover our past.

You can never get enough of Hampi, that’s one thing our trips there have always proved. A visit there is sure to transport you to a bygone era where this was once the greatest city in the Deccan Plateau.

This time we  decided to start off our Hampi trip with a visit to the Hanuman Temple. The temple is around 7 kms from Virupapur Gadde which is on the opposite side off the Tungabhadra river, from Hampi. We climbed up the 600 odd steps to the temple just in time for sunset. Every step of the climb was completely worth it when we got to view one of the best sunsets of our lives. The entire landscape of Hampi being covered in a pale orange blanket by the setting Sun was a sight to behold.That particluar moment actually made us realise a unique cycle that the Sun presides over..the setting of old empires and the rise of new ones..with nature being the all-pervasive constant.

We then went on to explore the Hampi side from the next day. Cycling was our preferred mode of transport, as we went around lazily exploring the whole area. The highlights definitely have to be the Vittala Temple, Achutaraya Temple and the Zenana Enclosure. Vittala temple is synonymous with the Garuda Chariot that we see in most photographs from Hampi. The Temple also houses the famous ,musical pillars. We weren’t allowed to see them, as ASI(Archaeological Survey of India) supervised renovation work was being conducted there. We were informed that the work has been going on for five years now! The Zanana enclosure with the Lotus Temple and Elephant stables impress you by their sheer beauty and craftsmanship. The Achutaraya Temple situated next to the Tungabhadra, is one of the best works of Hindu Temple architecture we have come across in that area. The pillars leading up to the temple, give you a sense of the grandiose of the amazing temple you are about to enter. The Virupaksha Temple in Hampi Bazaar is another fine example of great Vijayanagara architecture.

It is tough to try and convey what one experienced at Hampi. It can never be done, just like how one can never take in everything that this mesmerizing town has to offer.Hampi lets you connect with Nature, that omnipresent entity, which is visible here in all its majestic glory; with our past, our forefathers who built this amazing city on the banks of the mighty Tungabhadra and finally with ourselves, where we learn that we are just a passing cycle, but where we are given an opportunity to leave an everlasting impact.


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3 thoughts on “Hampi, a trip to rediscover our past.

  1. rasika on said:

    very well written

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    it has hampi related images,videos and inforamtions. worth to visit 🙂

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